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About Us...

It truly takes a team of special individuals to achieve greatness. Each and every member of team Wingate comes from a unique background providing them with vital knowledge and experience in the equine world.  

Casey Campbell



I started with horses at the age of seven. Between working off riding lessons and showing at local horse shows I learned not only was this a hobby, but I wanted to have a career based on my passion for horses. At the age of twelve, I was first exposed to the miniature horse world. By 13 I was working for top trainers learning the keys to running a successful training establishment. After a successful youth career with horses I was able to train and show myself, earning numerous World and National titles, I moved on to training at the age of 18. Every single job leading up to my training career has been based around equines and equine studies and I couldn’t picture my life doing anything not horse related. Every Year since the age of 18 I have managed to win either a National/World Grand or Reserve Grand Champion title. This past 2016 world show season I was able to finally able to win World Grand Champion Roadster thus accomplishing my goal to win a Grand Championship and a Supreme Championship in every division at the AMHA World Show and AMHR National Show, those titles being;

AMHA World Show Accolades

  • World Grand Champion Jr. Mare with Wingates Adore Mi

  • World Grand Champion Sr. Mare with Amore Lalita

  • World Grand Champion Jr. Stallion with Oak Bay Salsas Chipotle, Rivenburgh Outlaw Josie Wales & Hunterberry Hill Simply Impressive

  • World Grand Champion Sr. Stallion with Graham’s Ragtime

  • World Grand Champion Jr. Gelding with Wild Spirit’s Wind Runner

  • World Grand Champion Sr. Gelding With Grandview’s Toy Soldier & Oak Bay Salsa Caliente (2x)

  • World Supreme with Grandview’s Toy Soldier, Rivenburgh Outlaw Josie Wales & Graham’s Ragtime

  • World Supreme Futurity with Oak Bay Salsas After Dark

  • World Grand Champion Classic Pleasure Driving with Oak Bay Salsas Caliente & Marystown Mcdreamy

  • World Grand Champion Country Pleasure Driving with Vermilyea Farm’s Dandy’s Legend & Graham’s Ragtime

  • World Grand Champion Single Pleasure with Sami’s Saks Fifth Avenue

  • World Grand Champion Roadster with Lymricks Irresistible Force


AMHR National Show Accolades

  • National Grand Under Mare with Oak Bay Salsa Lady in Red

  • National Grand Over Mare with Vermilyea Farm’s Hershey’s Foxy Lady

  • National Grand Under Stallion with Rivenburgh Outlaw Josie Wales & Cherryville Majic’s Dark Knight

  • National Grand Over Stallion with Comfert’s Knight of Roses

  • National Grand Under Gelding with Modern Candyman’s Dalton

  • National Grand Over Gelding with RHA Captivating Chaos 

  • National Supreme Futurity Under with Rivenburgs Outlaw Josie Wales

  • National Supreme Futurity Over with Justified AN


Possibly the ONLY trainer who has Accomplished this feat in AMHA and AMHR!




I fell in love with horses when my brother Casey and I started taking horseback riding lessons.  Casey and I surrounded ourselves with horses big and small throughout our early life then when adolescent years came we were introduced to AMHA and we started showing minis. I ended up having a very successful youth & amateur show career with some of the highlights being winning the coveted Alvadar Future of The Industry , multiple hi-point awards and Would Grand Champion Junior Stallion with Oak Bay Mi Amigo. After graduating high school I took my passion for horses and photography and furthered my studies at CSUS studying photography & business.  Thus giving me the confidence & skills to become an equine photographer.  Now I travel all over the world photographing some of the best horses in the equine industry. Today my love for minis is still just as strong as ever and has grown to the Arabian horses as well.  

Tracy Yost

I started at Ashland Farm, an Arabian training and breeding facility. I worked at Ashland Farm for over 13 years fitting, conditioning and grooming Arabian show horses. After a few years of not working with horses Haley came home from her first day of working at Wingate with so much to tell me. I always thought miniature horses were always the stocky, fuzzy little horses much to my surprise and Haley’s the ones she saw at Wingate were about as far from that as you can get. I didn’t believe her at first but when I dropped her off at work a few weeks later she talked me into walking the barns at Casey’s house and I was astonished by these little Arabians in miniature I was seeing. That day was the day I met Casey Campbell. After introducing myself and talking about my past with the Arabians I was hired and the rest is history. I have never been in such a more welcoming industry, with such amazing people in it, and for that I’m grateful for both Team Wingate and The Campbell family.  


Growing up and being raised by Tracy Yost pretty much sets you up to be born loving horses. I was no exception to this. From the time I could talk I would greet my aunt when she would get home from working at Ashland Farm, an Arabian training barn, every day with an issue of the Arabian Horse World magazine. I would study the magazine over and over and point out which horses I loved. After making the promise of getting me lessons and my own horse by the age of seven it was pretty much set in stone that horses would always be a large part of my life. As long as I could remember I was always somewhere doing something with my aunt and horses whether it was tagging along to the Arabian Nationals at age 9 or having her haul my horses and I to rodeos or horse shows on her only day off. I am eternally grateful for all she has taught me throughout the years and having her full support in any equine endeavor I decided to try out. When I came to Wingate 4 years ago I didn’t think I would have trouble adjusting to the mini horse world because of my previous knowledge but boy was I wrong. Thankfully Mr. Casey Campbell was not only a pretty cool boss, but a very informative and kind mentor. Now after three show seasons with the Campbell Family and Team Wingate I couldn’t really imagine my life without any of these people in it. When we are referred to as Team Wingate yes, it implies we are a team but truthfully we’re all much more than that, we’re a family.

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